Tabina: Epilogue

Tabina :

I really did not know what to expect going here when I got the call to do this project.
The ride in was bumpy to say the least upon arriving I found a town quiet and simple in it's layout.
It had a rustic charm about it little did I know what lay ahead of me or that I literally had my best work and class at hand.
I was supposed to take a day off and get oriented first day but I opted to meet my class and get going.

What made Tabina special is it was in effect a complete recovery of a dump site and also an educational outing and the formings of a food security stand up.
What it lacks in big name stores and restaurants it makes for in charm and a plethora of wonderful people.
I have wanted to quit more times doing this work than I can care to remember but the thing is for everything wrong in every project I have ever done because honestly I was done after this and I did not even in the least expect this to open doors for future projects.
Tabina was the most straightforward outing I have ever had and my class was seriously the best whole group I have ever dealt with from bottom to top.
I find myself in the best frame of mind to continue what I do and make these ideas I have realities.
I would say that the idea of a round 2 in Tabina is a certainty more than a possibility .
The LGU was courteous and professional easily the best I have worked with and have nothing but kind words to say about them.
It was not a one way street they gave me something I needed because this project gave me the surity in my skills to tell me that I still have a lot of fight left in me.
I am for once in a place where I am not only excited for the future but I feel that my work and skill craft are at a level greater than I have ever been and I feel this next class will be proving grounds.


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