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How to change the world from within : The best lessons I learned before 30.

By 18 I thought I knew everything and like so many before me no one could tell me anything. This is not one of those quit your job and chase your dreams spiels. This is what has worked for me if you wish to see the rest of the story and what experience I speak from visit the blog. Lesson one: Know your value in a situation and never be afraid to walk away. I learned a few things in my travels one of which is this never take yourself too seriously to the point that you are so high on yourself. Earned success through discipline is indeed rare air these days as so many of my generation lack the wherewithal or dedication to truly make themselves and  I did not make it where I am by taking the first carrot dangled in front of me. I have always been one to make my displeasure known in an untenable situation so many in this world are afraid of walking away most especially when I knew I had the crucial standing in any particular situation. Lesson two: Being a decent human cos

Tabina: Epilogue

Tabina : I really did not know what to expect going here when I got the call to do this project. The ride in was bumpy to say the least upon arriving I found a town quiet and simple in it's layout. It had a rustic charm about it little did I know what lay ahead of me or that I literally had my best work and class at hand. I was supposed to take a day off and get oriented first day but I opted to meet my class and get going. What made Tabina special is it was in effect a complete recovery of a dump site and also an educational outing and the formings of a food security stand up. What it lacks in big name stores and restaurants it makes for in charm and a plethora of wonderful people. I have wanted to quit more times doing this work than I can care to remember but the thing is for everything wrong in every project I have ever done because honestly I was done after this and I did not even in the least expect this to open doors for future projects. Tabina was the most