Hobbit House : Return to Middle Earth How to build Part 4 of 4

Finishing :

Now we stand with a new home here is the issue at hand .
The Earth mixture must settle and harden for a period of no less than two weeks this is absolutely necessary.
Finishing is needed because if not then your bags will naturally decompose and you will be left with shambles.
Stucco is acceptable but one must consider that concrete or lime for breathability and maintenance purposes is impractical.
Earth based mixtures are recommended .

Climate considerations :

Wherever you are in the world the climate and of course composition of your earth will dictate what is the mixture and how you engage .
We did not do the finishing on the original unit as we did not have two weeks to wait and peace and order issues were a problem due to the ongoing separatist war going in that particular area.

Last Minute Tropical/Humid climate considerations and reminders :

Use as much lightweight gravel as you can afford for cooler, less sweaty buildings.

Use as little wood or metal as possible, to avoid rot and termites.

Use plan layouts that are stable, with curves or frequent piers or buttresses.

Make sure rainwater flows away from the bases of all walls.

Use a vapor barrier below the floor and between any concrete and earth.

Provide a waterproof base course at least 60 cm high.

Criss-cross bag courses at piers and corners.

 Provide wide roof overhangs (1.5 m is good).

 Test exterior finishes for performance.

Postscript :

We had  made a walkway out of broken tile bits and had made a big to do with the house and that had gotten us adopted to the local tribe.
But we had to go back on our ways after that and as of now we look to do another unit in Mindanao that will show how we have progressed as builders.


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