Climate Change : Where did we go wrong ? How did we get here ? Part 1 of 2

To know where and what we are headed for first we must acknowledge the past.

It really was not that long ago that we had eco systems that could support 20 meter long sharks (Megalodon) and 15 foot humanoid like apes that walked on two legs (Gigantopithecus Blacki it was real look it up.)
We are not quite talking Jurassic Park level shit here but it is definitely not what you would see today.

The Pleistocene (Ice Age)  was the geological epoch which lasted from 2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago, Spanning the world's most recent period of repeated glaciations.
In layman's terms after the freeze the world had time to heal itself and begin anew and the ecosystem itself could support these gigantic animals.
Fair enough because there were not humans as an invasive species then  shitting on the planet with flagrant disregard for all.

To grasp an idea of the numbers and what really happened
The Pleistocene saw the age of the mega fauna and a bio diversity the likes of no other in our recorded history.
When the mega jungles became savannah and the oceans dwindled in the necessary eco system the mega fauna died.

Quaternary Extinction event :

Basically when the environment changed naturally mass extinctions followed  to get an idea of the level of the Holocene mass extinctions  here are some general numbers.

The Late Pleistocene extinction event saw the extinction of many mammals weighing more than 40 kg. The proportional rate of megafauna extinctions is consecutively larger the greater the migratory distance from Africa.

( cited wikipedia.)

Now there were humans in neanderthal form  around and they were hunting and it has been hypothesized that there was over hunting as a mass contributor. 
I am willing to entertain this as a contributing factor and we will dive into that more 

Reading between the lines : What does all this mean to me ?

While there is no agreement on where the Holocene extinctions  began nor is there any of the same for the Quaternary extinction event which included climate change resulting in the end of the last ice age not even a clear dictation of if they are even separate events at all.
It is thought that the extinctions may have began as the first modern humans spread out of Africa roughly 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.
Which coincidentally is backed by the rapid megafaunal extinction following recent  human colonisation in Australia, New Zealand and Madagascar.
To say basically any minimal tweaking of the bio diversity even with the littlest of hunting pressure would have a very adverse effect saying that this theory holds true and it does seem that nature supports it.


The Holocene can be characterized by human impact on the environment.
This extinction continues even now with overfishing , ocean acidification and the amphibian crisis.
Not mentioning the raging wild fires , dwindling bee populations and the melting ice caps as a few broad examples of an almost universal decline and death of bio diversity.
Nature and planet Earth will handle themselves they will wipe us all out and the Earth will balance out whether we help do it or not.


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