Vermitea DIY super fertilizer

Tea time (Vermitea)

Now that I haven given an idea how to stand up your own vermicast pit.
You may be wondering what can I do with the resulting vermicast that you will have produced .
Well you guys are in luck because today we will talk about that !
Other than using the vermicast to mix with soil or make hummus or anything like that we can create a very potent FOLIAR fertilizer.
The process behind it is quite simple as the aeration of the water catalyzes the reaction between the micro organisms, sugars , and the vermicast itself.
Vermitea creation is a process that can be as simple or expensive as you want it to be to produce given the type of operation you have and what your desired outcome is.
I HIGHLY RECCOMEND using an aquarium aerator motor for those wishing to do this the simplest and most cost effective way.
The other picture is merely demonstrating the more sophisticated technology of the creation process.
Today I will discuss the simplest "common sense farming " way ala the #hybrid way.
Also when you're doing this think of brewing a cup of tea on a larger scale.
So let's get to it shall we ?
What you will need :
60 liter capacity container
60 liters water
500 ml molasses
50 ml IMO (refer to previous post on IMO creation)
3 kg vermicast
aerator device
tea bag
How it's done.
1. Prepare water and aerate for 30 minutes
2. Put vermicast in tea bag then put vermicast tea bag into water and aerate for another 30 minutes.
3. Add 50 ml molasses & 50 ml IMO
4. Aerate the solution for 24 hours/ overnight
Application/ Ratios
1 liter vermitea = 3 liters water
Use AT LEAST once a week you can spray at any stage in the plant's life but ideal usage comes during flowering stage.


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