The longest road (part 6)

The longest road (part 6)
The future of Hybrid in the Philippines.

I have had a lot of time to think of what I want to do and where I want to take this and how I want to do this .
Hybrid will continue in the Philippines it will be in one of two ways .
Regardless as a functioning member of the Higaonon tribe I will not abandon my family there.
But also I feel that with certain opportunites abound I can take hybrid to a whole other level via working on another side of the planet as of now I am very conflicted.
I have an offer to work in Central America for 90 days to help them build and enrich communities there as an offshoot of what I have started here.
Now after those 90 days I would return here and continue where I left off in the Philippines should I decide to take that offer.
There are a lot of facors in making this decision I must consider as I have contacts and people that need me here.
Or reversely I decline the offer and hold firm on the Garden of Eden and my next provincial campaign.
Either way I will return and work with them only reason I am entertaining Central America is that the idea behind empowerment is that the tribe needs to stand up on their own and improve their lives and they are fast reaching that point.
I cannot do everything forever for them and they do not want it that way .
Honestly I really don't know what I am going to pick as of now but I do know either way hybrid will be based here and will operate out of here it's just when and how are the questions now.
What would you do if you were me ?
A year ago this week Project Guingona my first immersion to the Subanen tribe began.
In that year I have trained hundreds of farmers stood up 20 or more gardens and have set up the beginnings of a community with my Higaonon brothers and sisters.
I literally made hybrid from nothing a year ago and to think that I have been from TV to Congress and just about everywhere inbetween in a years time is utterly insane and I am humbled by the people's reaction and efforts to keep hybrid here so it will be here and will continue that I promise you.
I owe everything I have to my family. friends,supporters, fans and well wishers.
This dream was merely on paper last July I could not have made it here myself.
An extra special thank you to the people that fought to keep hybrid here you all know who you are and it ill definetly be worth your efforts ten fold


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