The longest road (part 5)

Where to begin?
I wake up to sights like this daily there's no power or running water except from the mountain spring 
My farmers are equipped and ready for war the fields are cleared and being plotted and readied for planting .
Creating industry and breaking trend is the name of the game.
The business I am in is equal parts painstaking labor and a keen ability to deal with the people it is something that cannot be taught .
It is not for the faint of heart nor does it tolerate indecisiveness.
They are standing up their industries and with that team #hybrid is also talking of earth based housing and changing the precedent set forth already.
To change paradigm we must change all that encompasses and enables the current state of affairs on our mountain.
I have seen things I cannot unsee and don't wish to .
#hybridthemovie is in full swing.
Filming and telling the stories of the people and showing the change.
You guys are in for a treat I'd like to release by Christmas.
A lot is going on and I'm under a lot of pressures all of my fans and friends I haven't the words to thank you for your support and keeping me fighting it means the world to me thank you all.


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