The longest road (part 4)

The longest road (part 4)
Fifteen decided to join the ranks of our cooperative today on the opening day of brigada eskwela bringing our numbers to forty still all women except me .
Seven hectares will be planted and I will ensure that my star farmer Jenelyn is ready to lead the cooperative to success.
The most satisfying things I can say to myself that when this is said and done that I ended childhood hunger in my area and if I can make it cool to be a farmer again that is the highest honor to me.
This work is not easy by any means it is long and tiresome and I am tired and dirty (I work the field with them.)
They will succeed I will see to it this is only the beginning .
I have never had an idea of purpose in my life until I did this .
The fields will be clear and nurserys set ready to be planted by the senior high school students it will ensure they can learn on a full stomach.
Empowerment is the name of the game and I have forty women who are ready to work for this and see this through my greatest victory is near I will train them and help them plant their lands will hand this over to them and move onto my next project.
Mindanao is where my heart is I love this place as my own home and serving the farmers of this great land has been the greatest pleasure to me.
Everyday I can help them improve their situation is the greatest gift and privilege to see what I teach them being developed into helping end hunger and make livelihoods.
The children are joining up with us soon and my most important role is to get them involved.
They are the most important piece of this they are crucial to the farming that will sustain us in these uncertain times of food security issue and climate change.
Soon I will proclaim my greatest victory which is helping the people see this through.
Im exhausted For now I have to rest I have one hell of a surprise for you guys this week stay tuned.
Thank you all each and everyone near and far for your kind words and support. Be blessed and take care of each other


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