The Longest Road (Part 3)

The Longest Road (Part 3)

With this rotation to the field comes progress and the beginnings of change to a more sustainable way of living.
I have seen my children at the school have gotten their garden to grow with very little water and they are learning the enterprising side and seeing that agriculture can be profitable.
I am in full fledged filming mode for Hybrid the movie and could not be happier with what I am seeing.
I have taken a dive into the local subanon culture and I have been fortunate enough to see some of the rituals associated with harvest and bounty.
I was fortunate enough to see the subanon post harvest ritual of rice threshing with the bare feet called "Giok" it is almost like a dance where the rice is stripped from the hull by the bare feet it is pretty intense to watch.
Then to see this ritual as I video taped it and it being passed on to the children it is most assuredly a dying art .
I had sat in with the the tribal elders and some of the teachers during a seminar aimed at reviving the culture of this tribe and it's people.
To be able to see these things has enriched me spiritually beyond any kind of word this is totally awesome.
I will further immerse with my Subanen brothers and sisters the more I work in the mountain.
I also saw them in action in the field they move with efficiency and meaning it is pretty impressive to see how they work .
Soon enough I will go to the field with them and work alongside them.
But for now enough about me it is time for me to tell their stories ............. stay tuned


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