The longest road (Part 2)

My five young farmers came and did I simply put do not have the words these young adults are the future.
These are the people that will be the movers and enforcers of change.
Once the community sees it's own adopting sustainable practices and seeing it successfully work more will follow.
I could not be more proud of them .
After the planting ended I told my habal habal driver that I would be walking back to town with my young friends in anticipation of doing this I starved myself .
I feel for my advocacy to have real depth and credibility I feel I must put myself in the shoes of those I talk for.
I had been on this mountain many times but this time I felt as though I was in a totally different world.
I was lightheaded my legs felt like jelly now add walking about a mile uphill on a very very steep incline and a little over two miles after that.
This only strengthens my resolve to stop this I can assure anyone reading this I WILL NOT STOP until those children have the sustainable food source they deserve .
As I was walking me and the children I have taught began to speak broken english and bisayan between each other.
To me it's amazing that no language barrier can impede true friendship.
They asked me why, Why do you do this for us you don't know us I almost started crying when I told them that no one deserves to endure this even once let alone on a daily basis.
I know that the friends I am making here are the kinds you have forever.
There is no price tag that could be put on the experiences I have had on this rotation out to the field.
I haven't gotten much rest this week yet I do not feel drained I have never felt more alive in my life if this is not my purpose on this planet I do not know what is .


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