The Longest Road (Part 1).......Reflections from my time in the mountains (My journey)

The Longest Road.......Reflections from my time in the mountains

Through my time in the mountains with my Subanon friends I have better come to understand their plight and view of the world as they see it as a whole.
I have not accepted any special treatment I do not belong to any NGO (non government organization) I am not a missionary nor do I tender any kind of payment for this.
I am one and I have set out to empower those that wish to use the knowledge I will give them to their benefit .
I came to Guingona first in September and was due to return before that but due to circumstances beyond my control that was not meant to be.
I returned 17 days ago and in that time I have conducted Multiple trainings on basic composting, organic concoctions, and various other organic teaching AS WELL AS teaching english and math to the school children when time permitted.
Also I have seen through that the feeding areas for the children are planted while at the same time branching off to my next assignment for hybrid in neighboring barangay of trigos.
I immerse and live with my friends I work when they work I sleep on the porch of a hut it is the simplest of living and I am beyond grateful for the experience thus far.
I will continue to advocate for the people to teach them and to tell their stories in a non biased way some of those stories are not happy nor are they pretty but it is the best way to address the issues that my friends are facing on a daily basis that no one anywhere should have to.
This is not a problem that will just go away and also I believe that more people should be grateful for what they have in life because things can always be worse.
I have seen things that most have only seen on tv both good and bad and have went places very few if any other Americans have ever went .
Take what you have in this life and make the most out of it detach from your cell phones and video game systems and live your life see the world around you and take in the experiences money and gadgets will not follow you when you leave this world all you will have is the impact you have left and the lives you have touched..........................


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