Soiled Plans (Crop rotation/ Nitrogen fixing) (Part 1)

Soiled Plans (Crop rotation/ Nitrogen fixing) (Part 1)

Why is it that we lose yield or that we would see our soil depleted after so many rotations of the same crop?
Why would a farmer lose so much harvest to insects ?
I have a one word answer for you ..... COMPLACENCY !
Firstly when you rotate your crops after each cycle even insects lay eggs and hatch in great numbers but wouldn't survive in any kind of a threatening number due to transition from host to host.
This would be akin to being one step ahead of the enemy.
We find that yield loss is much greater by the third or fourth rotation of the same plant not to mention the nutrition depletion and disease factor in your soils.
So through proper use of some of the concoctions I have and will demonstrate we can harness the power of nature in our favor.
Let us consider the nutritional impact of destructive and repeated cropping in the same areas.
Say you constantly plant the same shallow rooted plant for maybe 4 cycles your harvest progressively declines.
Let's not even consider the insect factor as we've already discussed that.
How could this be counter acted you may ask yourself ?
Using a deep rooted plant of a different family should bring nutrition from the deeper soil to the surface.
The most basic principle in my theory on agriculture is FEED THE SOIL AND YOU FEED THE STOMACH!
Soil just like any living thing needs to be enriched to sustain life function.
Also don't follow plants like rice with corn as both are grass family plants or potatos with tomatoes are potato family plants.
In part 2 I will post the families of plants for consideration.


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