Oriental Herbal Nutrients IMMUNE BOOSTER/ ORGANIC PESTICIDE with video


OHN (Oriental Herbal Nutrients)
In organic farming we shy away from using non natural immunizations as much as can be done.
This concoction CAN be used on PLANTS and ANIMALS.
OHN serves both as an immunity booster and here is how it is made.
1 kilo garlic 1 kilo ginger 400 grams muscavado/molasses/ brown sugar
2.2 liters pure coconut vinegar
first peel,skin, and clean then cut garlic and ginger mix with whichever sugar you have and ferment for 3 days unaerobic condition.
After that add 2.2 liters coco vinegar ferment 10 days still unaerobic.
FURTHER INPUT to modify OHN to OHN 2 which is a powerful ORGANIC insecticide add 100 g sili and 100 g Makabuhay ferment for ten extra days.


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