May the fields be fertile . ( Part 1 ) DIY FERTILIZER

May the fields be fertile . ( Part 1 )

Quick and easy way to make good fertilizer for those of my followers that are grow crop people.
What you'll need.
50 kg Rice bran
50 kg Manure (cow, carabao ,goat, chicken, so on .)
50 kg Vermicast
50 kg Humus/Garden soil
12.5 kg Carbonized rice hull

What to do
1. Mix 50 kg rice bran and spray with 14.5 liters of water mixed with 250 ml of IMO and cover for 3 days.
2. After the 3 days have elapsed open add 50 kg of manure and mix thoroughly , spray with 500 ml FAA mixed with 14.5 liters water then spray then cover for 3 days.
3. After 3 days open your mixture add 50 kg humus/garden soil
then spray with 200 ml FAA + 200 ml FFJ + 100 ml CalPhos + 14.5 liters water cover for 3 days (notice a reoccuring number here ?)
4. After 3 days yet again open and spray with 250 ml FAA + 250 ml FFJ + 15 liters water do this for 5 consecutive days DO NOT MIX then cover it.
5. On the sixth day add 50 kg vermicast + 12.5 kg carbonized rice hull & mix thoroughly spray with 250 ml IMO + 250 ml FAA + 14.5 liters water then cover your mix.
6. Monitor the mixture until heat will subside.
Should be ready to use you can also mix it at that time.


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