The ultimate decomposer and soil aid IMO 1-5 with video.

Indigenous Micro Organisms LEVELED UP

A lot of power for minimum money spent this is designed for those who practice korean style or need to keep their farm going while they upgrade to Wood Vinegar.
IMO 1-2 (Indigenous Micro Organisms)

1 kilo rice to 1 kilo sugar
The ultimate aid of the organic crop grower.
To control the micro organisms in the soil is to have a huge advantage in your favor of your crops growing proper.
You put rice into a sealed container for 3-5 days remove black and green mold upon mixing with molasses , muscavado , or brown sugar .
Then leave sit for 3-4 more days.
Soil has 3 kinds of micro organisms good, bad , and neutral .
The neutral micro organisms are usually the largest number and will follow suit of the prevailing number of either good or bad micro organisms.
There is so much micro organisms can do in terms of environmental rehab and supporting the well being of the soil the benefits are too numerous to mention here.
Also I use this to to aid in the decomposition of my compost piles and it is a powerful aid in ridding your kitchen of bad smells .
It can also be used in your animal beddings as well.
2 Tsp to every liter of clean water as always is the dose.

So when you harvest your IMO 2 strain it with a mosquito net and attain 1 liter of the mixture an ideal yield will smell good.
Take the 1 liter of IMO 2 mix with 10 liters of water and add that to 100 kilos of rice bran.
Cover and leave mixture for 3 days the heat can get from 36-40 degrees C .
recommended to leave in a shaded area as well as too much sunlight kills micro organisms.
( You can use the rice left over in water and dump directly on your compost instead of messing up a sprayer.)

On harvest date you will notice the white Micro Organisms flourishing.
You will add 100 kilos of good clean healthy soil to this mixture.
You will want to use your local fields soil because the idea is to strengthen the microbes in you soil so you can spread their influence when you return the mixture to the field.
Leave mixture for one day or overnight.

Mix IMO 4 to 200 kilo of chicken waste .
(Make sure waste is properly dried to curtail the spread of pathogens.)
Make your pile about 3 feet high as it will encourage microbial activity .
Cover again with a tarp and leave for 7 days then you will have IMO 5 


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