FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice) with video.

FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice)

It can be used on both plants and animals as an organic growth enhancer.
My version ferments in 7 days
What I use.
1 kilo Kang Kong
1 kilo Camote tops 
1 kilo Banana trunk
1.5 kilo Molasses or Muscavado
You want to chop your vegetables fine mix them in with your Molasses or Muscavado seal and be sure to mark dates and times so you do not forget store in a dark place seal well but not airtight.
Add 2 tsp FPJ to 1 liter of H2O
As seed treatment before sowing – soak the seeds in 0.2 % solution for 4 to 5 hours to facilitate germination and as a start-up solution to germinating seeds.
As a natural growth enhancer – Fermented Plant Juice made from actively growing plant parts and fast growing plants may contain natural growth hormones and mineralized nitrogen that promotes plant growth. Mix 2 teaspoons of Fermented Plant Juice per liter of water and spray on the leaves or apply directly to the soil around the plants from seedling stage up to pre-flowering stage. You can apply weekly or depending on plant vigor. Please note that with the use of Fermented Plant Juice, there is no overdose; you may use it liberally. However, the soil must be watered first before applying Fermented Plant Juice to avoid scorching of the roots.
Apply Fermented Plant Juice to the soil to serve as source of energy to accelerate activities of soil microorganism. This activity will make the nutrients available to the plants.
Give Fermented Plant Juice, as drink, to livestock at 1 tbsp/liter to increase microbial activities in gastrointestinal tracts. This would result to better absorption of nutrients.
Spray to animal beddings to hasten manure decomposition


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