FEED your knowledge........ (part 1)

FEED your knowledge........ (part 1)

Today we are going to talk feeds this is CRUCIAL in agriculture.
We will discuss the proportions and fractions (there is a little math behind this don't worry it's painless.)
I will also discuss getting the most out of what you have available to you in your area.
So let's get into it shall we ?
Why make my own feeds ?
Well consider this the essence of being organic is to NOT ONLY harness what nature has given you but to also mitigate waste as much as you can and limit any resource or capital intensive inputs.
What to use ?
For proteins I have used the following successfully.
Trash fish
Soya meal
Fish meal (for those using dried grinded fish I'd reccomend not using salt later on as the fish meal would more than likely have salt in place already.)
For carbohydrate input I have used.
Rice bran
Corn bran
For lipids I have used.
Copra meal
For minerals I have used.
Carbonized rice hull
For vitamins I have used .
FAA (Fish Amino Acids) (Calcium supplement)
FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice) (Growth enhancer)
OHN (Oriental Herbal Nutrients) (Immune booster)
LABS ( LActoBacillus Serum) (Probiotics/digestion aid)
CALPHOS (Calcium Phosphate)
Mix ingredients as they are weigh them for proper proportioning .
A BIG APOLOGY to you guys for not detailing some of these concoctions yet resource for some of these are quite difficult to come by here and I don't have the time yet to get into I PROMISE YOU GUYS I will get around to it .
Do some research and experiment !
Don't limit yourself to the inputs I have listed the essence of not only organic but agriculture as a whole is to learn by trial and error don't be afraid to think outside the box.
Proportions,percentages, and math
Well there are three basic types of feeds grower,starter, and finisher feeds.
The way I will draw this out I will put the elements of the food in order of importance to the animal and the percentages needed for each stage will be adjacent from left to right the numbers will go from grower to starter to finisher feed.
Protein 35 25 20
Carbs 50 60 58
Lipids 8 8 15
Minerals 5 5 5
Vitamins 2 2 2
Now here's the math so we all know a kilo has 1,000 grams here is an example.
Grower feed
Protein 35 % 350 grams
Carbs 50% 500 grams and so on
I think you guys get the idea if it comes up short or heavy sometimes don't sweat it I will elaborate on this in part 2.
I will get into some other cost cutting methods that will help negate your expense as well.


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